04 Nov 2019

In the book, she argues that the United States and its allies have been focused on stopping the terrorist activities of al-Qaeda and its Taliban supporters in Afghanistan, but that focus should instead have been on antagonistic forces in Pakistan. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. They are dying in service for a country that is failing them. America in Afghanistan, — is a book by Carlotta Gall. Amazon iBooks Independent Booksellers. In a friend of mine, the Asia correspondent of a British newspaper who had reported from Jerusalem and Iraq, told me gloomily that things looked likely to go bad in Afghanistan. Intent on state-building on the light, the US relied on its allies on the ground to tell them who to trust and who not to, and like the de-Baathification strategy adopted in Iraq, chose elimination rather than co-option of those that wanted to surrender.

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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. She investigated a few deaths herself and found them to be clearly marked as homicides by US military doctors. But America did win, comprehensively, after the December invasion of Afghanistan.

She spends a considerable part of a chapter documenting Afghan allegations that Benazir Bhutto was killed as part of a conspiracy by the ISI. She has a compelling argument and the thesis will warm many an Indian heart.

America in Afghanistan, We were sitting in a freezing, half-built house and he didn’t flinch, he didn’t notice the cold.

She subsequently documents how a PPP-led investigation found Musharraf only guilty of not giving her enough security, but dark allegations continue to surface. To tell you the truth, that’s what drives you.

Interview: Carlotta Gall, Author Of ‘The Wrong Enemy’ : NPR

Quoting them alone, without supporting testimony the wrong enemy carlotta gall a bit like asking Putin if Trump hall a good guy. Today, the Taliban are stronger than they have ever been, controlling more territory than at any time since their fall in From that moment, the source of the problem was across the wrong enemy carlotta gall border in the Pakistani tribal areas where they were hiding mostly, and in some cities [where] they were hiding, as we subsequently found.


Terms Privacy About Us Subscribe. I think one of the reasons was that they knew he was a powerful figurehead of al-Qaida [and] of Muslim fighters around the world, and I think they wanted him on their side, a bit controlled, to use enmey for their own policymaking.

What she reports is damning, and the chapter that traces the suicide bombers of Afghanistan to madaris in Pakistan, as well as the role of the government in allowing and possibly facilitating them is horrifying.

You could see he could easily fight in the trenches for days. You may have the best and most powerful machine, but in the hands of the reckless, the arrogant, and the wilfully ignorant, the only destination you will arrive at is one of grievous harm to both yourself and others. None of this is mentioned by Gall, instead she focusses primarily on the perfidy of the ISI and Pakistan in general. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Gall writes that over 12 years, she lost friends and acquaintances in ghe bombings and shootings and saw others close to her savagely maimed. Her reasoning is that the Taliban exists and Osama bin Laden was able to survive for so long and Mullah Omar continues to be a fugitive because Pakistan’s corrupt government and the people at the Inter-Services IntelligencePakistan’s clandestine security service, provide aid to these terrorists.

Nowhere does she mention that the Afghan National Directorate of Security is completely dominated by the Northern Alliance, which for good reason deeply distrusts Pakistan. He was confident that they’d get that back.

Pakistan, The Taliban And The Real ‘Enemy’ Of The Afghanistan War

It is also a deeply disingenuous argument, one that fails to examine how many problems of the Afghan war were creations of American design, on which the Taliban wrogn Pakistan capitalised. None of this should, or does, obscure the actions of Pakistan in facilitating the disaster in Afghanistan, but it should be very clear: These are not secrets, and you do not need to spy on Pakistan to know them.


We knew [bin Laden] was hiding almost in plain sight in Pakistan, but when I finally learned this from an inside source — so, someone who really did know — it varlotta sense that they were hiding him and protecting him to use him, I think, for their own reasons.

In the opening chapters of his excellent No Good Men Among the GllAnand Gopal paints a devastating portrait of the way that the Taliban were shredded by the firepower directed at them, how the Taliban themselves decided that there was no way to fight the wrong enemy carlotta gall the power unleashed against them.

This does a great disservice not only to the ones who will suffer these wars on their wront, but to the US military personnel among whom Gall was embedded.

Bush administration thought it could ignore history and unilaterally bend the world to its will. But he was also very pragmatic. And so they used him to control and influence their own militant proxy forces that Pakistan has been fostering and sponsoring for several decades now No one was ever charged with homicide.

Life and Times of a Jihadist Lynchpin. These men and women are being sent into the field to fight wars whose goals keep changing; wars which — after they are won — are lost again due to failed leadership. But slowly the Taliban started coming back and foreign fighters also started crossing the border and attacking American troops.