03 Mar 2019

But immediately after passing two women in an obvious relationship, our hero turns around and ogles each women’s “shapely booty”. The story is intense and thoughtful and as with all of Scott’s stories, deftly true to the football world of today. I thought, aliens playing football I don’t know about this They rely on one another for safety just like teammates do in other dynamics. It just seems so cheesy, boring, and uninteresting to me.

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But I, for one, will be moving on to something else, never to return to the story of Quentin Barnes, quarterback extraordinaire. Privacy policy About Siglerpedia Disclaimers. With a book containing made up aliens you have to be able to describe, and Sigler has a way with adjectives.

Probably book number 2 which I will probably download when I’m in the mood for another fun, roomie enjoyably violent book, which delights in poking fun at religious extremists.

But it hooked me in quickly scott sigler the rookie I enjoyed it. So if you like that, go ahead and give the book a try. I should know better by now – there’s a reason the book is free.


Toggle navigation LibriVox Audio Books. You will just have to read this to find out. A great deal many people attempt to clear the Combine, a former Creterakian prison station, with biological and cybernetic enhancements in place.

Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Infected Contagious Pandemic The multi-species nature of society is reflected in the make-up of the GFL team lineups; the strengths of certain species make them natural fits for certain football positions.

He then goes to practice with the Ionath Krakens where, for the first time, he has to confront the reality of his new team-mates’ alien origins. Ask rookle wife, who has had to suffer through hours of TV dramas with sports episodes. At one point someone stumbles over their line and it’s not edited out.

The Rookie (Galactic Football League #1) by Scott Sigler

The amount of time and thought Sigler scott sigler the rookie put into thr this universe and its planets and inhabitants is outright astonishing! Retrieved from ” http: Scott did not disappoint! This was the first Scott Sigler book I heard. Brought up out of the mines and into the world of privileged athleticism, he dreams of playing in the big leagues one day. Blood Bowl did that long ago. It scott sigler the rookie me a bit to get behind Quentin and his story because the character gets pretty whiny for a bit and is very stuck on himself until he figures out what it takes to be a tier 2 player.


No trivia or tne yet. You better hold on to your jockstrap!! Mar 07, BigJohn rated it it was amazing Shelves: It could easily make its way to the big screen. This is the one that started it all. From the last episode on, I was hooked.

That concern was at least partially assuaged. Sep 15, Brandon rated it it was amazing. Linebacker for the Texas Earthlings.

The Rookie

Linebacker for the Ionath Krakens. Sep 18, Kris rated it liked it.

I think the Major League films well the first two anyway are hilarious. As a result, Quentin has a very hard time trusting and working with his team-mates.