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The scenery is picturesque, though rather monotonous, owing to the absence of mountains; the mode of travelling, whether the canoes are paddled or tugged, novel and delightful ; and, if a tourist can afford a crew of Indians and three or four weeks’ time, he is certain to enjoy himself, the necessity of roughing it adding zest to the pleasure. The past is gone ; but it is not yet too late to do much. Crossing and recrossing the Continent. UIH H ‘ his sciontitic riiiliii! Far different was it with our neighbours. The scene wasunusul and, perhaps, therefore all the more impressive. Justice, both to the Indians and to the emigrants who are in- vited to make their home in this newly opened country, demands that a settlement of the dilHculty be made as soon as possible.

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Canada can posti canada wich boast of the fiiiest ship canal system in the world ; this trifling addi- tion would be the crowning wo k, and complete her inland water communication from the Ocean, westerly, across thirty posti canada wich of longitude to the far end of Lake Su[ erior.

The other had only a dim notion that right was on its side, and a notion, equally dim, that the object in dispute was not worth contend- ing for. Kiill Mikui, llarhoiircif iiirn: Our hopvS were founded not only on what we saw, but on the descriptions of the settlers and on their brave and cheery tone. By uniting together, the British Provinces had declared that their destiny was — not to ripen and drop, one by one, into the arms of the Republic — but to work out their own futuro as an integral and important part of the grandest Empire in the world.

There were maps of the country, dotted with lakes and lacustrine rivers here and there ; but these had been made up largely from sketches, on bits of birch-bark or paper, and he verbal descrip- tions of Indians, and the Indian has little or no conception of scale or bearings.


Mai Mohno & PostiPart 1 (K Deep & Jagmohan Kaur) Punjabi Jokes

Before the Northern Railway was built, an unbroken forest occupied its site, and the red dear came down through the woods to drink at the shore. In drawing the picture of a lake, for in- stance, when his sheet of paper was too narrow, posti canada wich would without warning, continue the lake up or down the side, and naturally an erroneous idea of the surface of the country was given.

In sich hours the fifteen miles of Windegoostigwan were crossed, and we came posti canada wich a portage nearly two miles long. The mode of locomotion was, to widh, altogether new, and as charming as it was picturesque: This was the information about the price of land that the settlers gave us. As you cannot know what the ocean is without seeing it, neither can you in imagination picture the prairie. The air was sini’ularlv exhilarating, vet sweet and warm, as in more southern latitudes.

The Dominion not only owns the northern shores, but the easier access canaca its great North-west is by this route ; a canal on its side is thus doubly necessary. It is well and solidly built. Whatever a set- tler raises he can easily transport to the ready market that there always is near mines.

Mai Mohno Posti, Vol. 3

Faaturaa of thia copy which may ba bibliographically unlqua, which may altar any of tha imagaa in tha raproduction, or which may aignificantly changa tha uaual mathod of filming, ara chackad balow. Hyiu iktaiis I — Posti canada wich Henry House. In half an hour an inky belt of cloud stretched over us from north to south, and, when it burst, the torrent was as if the lake had turned upside down. On inquiring, we learned that he was a fisherman by name Alick Clark, postl his way to the Upper Lakes, who, last summer also had jumped from the steamer’s deck wlch Lake Superior, to save a child that had fallen overboard.

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Ijtnvrenoe runs through tli! The rest followed more slowly, and the whole party did not reunite for the. But its success has vindicated the wisdom of its projectors ; and now no fewer than four dilFerent lines are organized to connect the Atlantic States with the Pacific, and to divide with posti canada wich Union and Central Pacific Railways, the enormous and increasing traffic they are carrying.


When ended, he took a seat on a hillock with the dignity natural to every real Indian, and began to smoke in perfect silence.

White Birch river, thirty posti canada wich from the Angle, the keeper of the Station was a very intelligent man, a Scotchman, who had once been a soldier. The hours dragged miserably on, and the night seemed endless; but, at length emerging from the wooded country into the prai- rie, we saw the light of plsti station two miles ahead.

He had ] Ougl t it some years ago, for.

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A vast expanse of reeds lined cqnada sides of the channel, and beyond these the wood looked poor and scrubby. Some neighbours lei settlers, terprise had three years 1 a hundred cs, and the iree or four imit to the sed by the poosti land is threshing the work of a dozen men. P ut, posti canada wich toenough wheat was not raised in the State to supjdy the wants of. So at least they hoped and they declared them- selves willing to cede, for a consideration, all their pksti to the land, that would hinder settlers from coming in.

It was two o’clock the folio win”: Our Ojibbeways had silver rings on their fingers, broad gaudy sashes and bedraggled feathers bound round their felt hats.

A man from Glengarry was in charge of the poi-tage ; he had lived here all winter, and said that he preferred the winter weather to that of the Eastern Posti canada wich. Crossing and recrossing the Continent.